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I believe in a spiritual life after death. Meaning the Phyisical body dies and the spirit go to a place of waiting, Until the Judgement. As for spirits that roam upon the the earth, Ghosts if you will let me call them. Evil spirit that know everything about our love one who has pass on. try an impersonate them and plays on the fears of men. I personnally have seen an evil spirit come into my bedroom, and come into my dreams. But know some biblical scripture I was able not wake up. and live to tell about it. "It was Real" My wife Had the same dream.
Created at 04/25/2009 - 18:58
No one knows. For centuries humans had to answer the question of death and not go crazy without an explanation. Religion gave us the answer. Peace, Harmony, family, friends will take the anx out of death, a life well lived.
Created at 04/24/2009 - 21:13
I believe the physical universe is the product of consciousness and not the reverse.
Created at 04/24/2009 - 16:43
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