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vimalmathew's information

Name: Vimal
Gender: Male
Profession: Director - Vedic Routes Destination Management
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Cochin - India
Birthday: 1980-07-22
Now doing: Director - Vedic Routes Destination Management
Currently in: Cochin, Kerala
About vimalmathew's job:
After completing my graduation in Tourism and MBA in HR, I joined the software industry and worked with Infosys for sometime and soon entered the travel industry to indulge my passion to travel. With around 8 years of experience in tourism working in India and Middle East I travelled extensively in India, UAE, Oman, Sri Lanka and Thailand and has built up long-standing friendships with travel specialists and experts around the world, escorted many group tours and designed 100's of very successful tour itineraries. When not on travel missions, I drives a desk from which the formal aspects of business are created, such as trip dossiers, itineraries, and new concepts. You can reach me on +91 94000 52501 or email to vimal@vedicroutes.com
vimalmathew's interests:
Travel, Photography, Cooking

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