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traveling_muse's information

Name: Ivonne
Gender: Female
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Guaynabo - Puerto Rico
Now doing: Exploring life
Currently in: Puerto Rico
Traveling to: the moon!
About traveling_muse:

Account Executive by profession. Creative by heart. Traveller by passion. I am an accidental tourist, transformed into your traveling muse. 

After a wonderful year living in Barcelona,  I am back at my beautiful Puerto Rico planning my upcoming Sagas. 

I want to travel the world, and I know I will. :) 

About traveling_muse's job:
I work in advertising... I dream for a living :)
traveling_muse's interests:
Write. Dream. Imagine. Live!
traveling_muse is happiest traveling when:
I love traveling alone or with my bf.
traveling_muse's reason to travel:
Explore new cultures, new people, have a quiet time with myself.

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