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tarekabdelhalim's information

Name: Tarek
Gender: Male
Profession: Tour Guide
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Cairo - Egypt
Birthday: 1968-01-20
Now doing: I take tours around Cairo, Egypt
Currently in: Cairo, Egypt
Traveling to: Italy
About tarekabdelhalim:
I love nature. I love to read, walk and travel. I like people and love to know about people's cultures.
About tarekabdelhalim's job:
I'm a professional, licensed tour guide based in Cairo, Egypt. I believe in quality tours and I offer very reasonable prices. Please see my website at : http://www.ToursByLocals.com/CairoEgyptTourGuideService
tarekabdelhalim's interests:
- Reading (Politics, History, Literature and Science) - Walking (I do brisk walking every day) - Music (Classical, Soft Rock and Country Music)
tarekabdelhalim's favorite music:
- Classical - Soft Rock - Old- ies - Country Music
tarekabdelhalim's favorite books:
- Shakespeare - Graham Green - Nguib Mahfouz (from Egypt)
tarekabdelhalim's favorite quotes:
Live and let live
tarekabdelhalim's favorite movies:
- Alexander the Great - Cleopatra - Troy
tarekabdelhalim is happiest traveling when:
I see nature
tarekabdelhalim's reason to travel:
- See nature - Meet people - Learn about other people's cultures - Make new experiences - Learn about history
tarekabdelhalim's favorite place to read:
My living room
tarekabdelhalim's favorite place to walk:
My neighbourhood

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