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rednomadoz's information

Name: Red Nomad
Gender: Female
Profession: Blogger
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Adelaide - Australia
Birthday: 1963-01-13
Now doing: Travelling and Blogging
Currently in: Around Australia
Traveling to: Australia
About rednomadoz:
I've travelled in all Australian states & territories over 22+ years! When I'm not travelling I'm a down home farm girl, avid reader and lover of fine food!
About rednomadoz's job:
I show YOU the BEST Aussie places to GO; sights to SEE; things to DO to make YOUR holiday memorable! And if you're looking for light entertainment and killer photos, drop in to my blog Amazing Australian Adventures!
rednomadoz's interests:
Travelling in Australia, Writing, Photography, Blogging
rednomadoz's favorite quotes:
"The only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about!"
rednomadoz is happiest traveling when:
I'm finding FAB places; seeing killer sights; doing awesome things - then sharing them with YOU!
rednomadoz's reason to travel:
to uncover the intriguing, quirky, amazing, fascinating and downright bizarre in Australia!
rednomadoz's favorite place to read:
rednomadoz's favorite place to walk:
Anywhere with a Killer View!

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