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photolms' information

Name: L Michael
Gender: Male
Profession: Photographer
Prefered language: English
Hometown: New Mexico - United States
Birthday: 1947-07-21
Currently in: Santa Fe, New Mexico
About photolms:
I am a professional photographer
 and writer and I am currently
 a lifetime of work while
to travel around the world on
 photo assignments and
 I love life and respect all
living things
and accept that we are
all a part of all
creation and are a part
of each other.
I believe in living through
my heart
and enjoy the magic that
 Peace comes through
and tolerance. Suffering
when love is extended.
Enjoy my
images at
Http:// www.photolms.com

About photolms's job:
Work with the National Park Service and the BLM to conserve and protect the wild and beautiful areas of the US. Work as an Artistic Photographer and writer.
photolms's interests:
too many to list
photolms's favorite music:
Just about every type but Heavy Metal and Rap.
photolms's favorite books:
Mostly non-fiction and just about anything that I can learn from.
photolms's favorite quotes:
" When you live through your heart, mircles happen "
photolms is happiest traveling when:
I can enjoy it with a friend and when I have no expectations from one moment to the next.
photolms's reason to travel:
To share and be shared by the wonders and beauty.
photolms's favorite place to read:
Next to a river, under a tree.
photolms's favorite place to walk:
On unknown paths.

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