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ninibaseema's information

Name: Nini
Gender: Female
Profession: Corporate Communications
Prefered language: German
Hometown: Saarbrucken - Germany
Birthday: 1976-09-15
Now doing: Corporate Communications
Currently in: Germany
Traveling to: Barcelona
About ninibaseema:
TravelGuru MusicObsessive BellydanceChick PhotoshopQueen Philosopher FashionVictim AvidAvatarChanger DesignLover EssenceSeeker
About ninibaseema's job:
ninibaseema's interests:
Traveling of course, but also Art, Philosophy, The Form of Beauty, Photography, Dancing and Photoshopping
ninibaseema's favorite quotes:
Too many to list here!
ninibaseema is happiest traveling when:
being with someone I love!
ninibaseema's reason to travel:
I want to learn about the world, I want to understand people, I want to be blown away by beauty, I want to find myself coming back home!
ninibaseema's favorite place to read:
A hammock in South East Asia
ninibaseema's favorite place to walk:
The Gorge Du Verdon in the Provence

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