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mindieb's information

Name: Mindie
Gender: Female
Profession: Writer / Author
Prefered language: English
Now doing: Writing Thin Places: Celtic Doorways to the Eternal World
Currently in: Marion Station, MD
Traveling to: Ireland
About mindieb:
Travel writer, blogger, author and Business Developer for the State of Maryland (gov. worker). Trainer on Social Media strategies, mother, wife, Grammy and world traveler.
About mindieb's job:
Work for the State of Maryland by day ... travel and write by night and weekends.
mindieb's interests:
Travel, Ireland, Camping, Mystical places
mindieb's favorite books:
Here Be Dragons, Lion of Ireland, Travels in Siberia, The World (Jan Morris)
mindieb's favorite quotes:
All men's sins are shortcuts to love.
mindieb is happiest traveling when:
I'm with Dan Burgoyne
mindieb's reason to travel:
to see, to experience, to write about

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