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lestroischenes' information

Name: Barbara
Gender: Female
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Limoges - France
Now doing: Running painting holidays, bed and breakfast and gite in Limousin, S W France
Currently in: Videix
About lestroischenes:
I'm an artist and landscape architect living the good life in France. We run residential art courses so that we can share this beautiful corner of France with you.
About lestroischenes's job:
I have the perfect job. I paint, chat, go on outings on sunny days and eat gorgeous food washed down with French wine. All this in excellent company - and they call this work!
lestroischenes's interests:
I've managed to wrap all my interests up in our life in Limousin. I garden, renovate old houses, paint, teach, keep hens, have a dog and cat, enjoy eating and cooking, and visiting interesting places. There's never a dull moment in Videix.
lestroischenes's favorite place to walk:

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