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khirul's information

Name: Khirul
Gender: Male
Profession: Tour Planner
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei Darussalam
Birthday: 1966-05-04
Now doing: Manage my own tour company
Currently in: Borneo Island
Traveling to: Kenya Safari
About khirul:
I am originally from Miri Oiltown which is part of Sarawak, a Borneo state of Malaysia. Now I am living in Brunei.
About khirul's job:
I own and operate my own tour company specialising in providing local ground handling services throughout Borneo island for our overseas travel trade partners.
khirul's interests:
I am interested in nature - wildlife and exotic tropical plants. I am doing my own project on captivity breeding of Borneo endangered small mamals and birds in order to avoid extinction of species.
khirul's favorite music:
very diversified depending on my mood and the occasion
khirul's favorite books:
Treasures Island
khirul's favorite quotes:
Never wait till tomorrow on what you can do today
khirul is happiest traveling when:
I can see the local wild animals and plants of the location visited
khirul's reason to travel:
To refresh my mind, body and soul
khirul's favorite place to read:
in my garden
khirul's favorite place to walk:
in the wilderness

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