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holidayswithheidi's information

Name: Heidi
Gender: Female
Profession: Cultural Travel Writer and Host
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Miami - United States
Now doing: Researching and Writng about Culture
Currently in: Florida
Traveling to: Key Largo
About holidayswithheidi:
Heidi Karlsson, M.A. has gained global expertise in the areas of sustainable tourism product planning, design and development, cultural tour management, PR/events, social media marketing, presentations and campaigns for destination marketing organizations (DMO), individual operators and agencies through her studies, her professional experiences and travels to more than 25 countries.
About holidayswithheidi's job:
Cultural Travel Host, Holidays With Heidi bringing you insider information on cultural tourism from around the world, Heidi has 10+ years of extensive travel and tourism experience and has lived in Japan, England, Sweden, France, Mexico and the Caribbean. Her projects have included travel to Asia, North and Central America, Europe, and North Africa among other places. She holds a Master's degree in Cross-Cultural Communications and Negotiation.
holidayswithheidi's interests:
Promoting the Cultural Districts as cultural destinations both locally and internationally.
holidayswithheidi is happiest traveling when:
my 5 senses are active and engaged.
holidayswithheidi's reason to travel:
learn new Cultures.
holidayswithheidi's favorite place to read:
by the Pool
holidayswithheidi's favorite place to walk:

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