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erickht's information

Name: Erick
Gender: Male
Profession: Travel Specialist
Prefered language: English
Birthday: 1970-12-24
Now doing: SEO Costa Rica Trip Guide
Currently in: Heredia
Traveling to: Australia
About erickht:
I have been providing consultation in the Travel Industry for 18 years. I truly enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together, and planning the perfect vacation for my clients. The key is listening to the desires of each traveler in the group, and then finding the best fit to satisfy each person’s desires for their dream vacation. My expertise in creating experiential travel itineraries includes: Luxury Adventure Travel (sport fishing, diving, horseback riding, zip lining, white water rafting, hiking, 4 x 4); The Art of Doing Nothing (exclusive getaways, private nature reserves, boutique hotels, spa retreats, jungle lodges, small ship & private yacht cruising); as well as travel geared toward girl getaways, male bonding and multi-generational family vacations.
About erickht's job:
I am in charge of planning tailor-made travel itineraries for people who want to explore Costa Rica!
erickht's interests:
Internet, soccer, travel, ecotourism, nature, cultures
erickht's favorite music:
80´s rock n roll
erickht's reason to travel:
to Discover new places, new people and cultures
erickht's favorite place to walk:
Buenos Aires

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