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dylan's information

Name: Dylan
Gender: Male
Profession: student
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Orlando - United States
Birthday: 1979-05-08
Now doing: studying
Currently in: Orlando
Traveling to: Costa Rica
About dylan:
I major in Environmental Studies/Growth Management at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.
About dylan's job:
full-time student
dylan's interests:
travel, surfing, ecotourism
dylan's favorite music:
dylan's favorite books:
The Mayan Factor
dylan's favorite quotes:
"If I had a penny for every time...."
dylan's favorite movies:
What About Bob?
dylan is happiest traveling when:
it's ecotourism oriented.
dylan's reason to travel:
to see things that I have not.
dylan's favorite place to read:
under a tree
dylan's favorite place to walk:

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