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cubacultureclub's information

Name: Walt
Gender: Male
Profession: travel counsellor & match maker
Prefered language: English
Hometown: La Habana - Cuba
Birthday: 1942-12-21
Now doing: networking
Currently in: Mississauga, Ontario
Traveling to: Havana, Cuba
About cubacultureclub:
Walt, founder of the Cuba Culture Club-TM, always had an interest in travel. That travel had (and has) no limits! Whether it was local travel in exploring his neighborhood, the city he lives in, all the way to visiting a different country and its people, Walt wanted to discover for himself new, exciting, colorful, interesting places and those people who call those places "home".
About cubacultureclub's job:
Walt is a qualified travel agent /counselor registered with TICO and, together with his knowledgeable team, is ready to provide the traveler with personalized service to give the best possible vacation experience. He is available and ready to consult with you about your travel plans.
cubacultureclub's interests:
promoting travel to Cuba to involve the traveler in the history, culture and traditions of fascinating Cuba not as a mere observer but by playing an active part in the experience. My awesome wife and I also make it possible for a man looking for his soul-mate to find the right woman in Cuba.
cubacultureclub's favorite music:
Walt's tastes runs pretty much the whole range of music.
cubacultureclub's favorite books:
Too many to name.
cubacultureclub's favorite quotes:
From a tiny seed , a mighty oak is grown.
cubacultureclub's favorite movies:
Too many to name.
cubacultureclub is happiest traveling when:
I know I will be with my love again. Yes, I am a romantic.
cubacultureclub's reason to travel:
learn and discover new cultural attractions to promote.
cubacultureclub's favorite place to read:
no limits
cubacultureclub's favorite place to walk:
anywhere safe and clean

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