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bk1717cb's information

Name: Lily
Gender: Female
Profession: Assistant Merchandising Manager
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Jakarta - Indonesia
Birthday: 1977-12-08
Now doing: working in an apparel company
Currently in: Jakarta
Traveling to: Tibet and Nepal
About bk1717cb:
fun, witty, easy-going, optimistic and blunt
About bk1717cb's job:
deal with European buyer (Hugo Boss) to make sure that every samples and garment productions are shipped on time.
bk1717cb's interests:
traveling (hiking, trekking, caving, snorkeling), reading and philately
bk1717cb's favorite music:
Bon Jovi's (rock and roll)and Sarah Brightman's (classical cross-over)
bk1717cb's favorite books:
Paulo Coelho's, Mitch Albom's and historical books
bk1717cb's favorite quotes:
to be or not to be - Wlliam Shakespeare
bk1717cb's favorite movies:
The Lord of the Ring, The Sixth Sense
bk1717cb is happiest traveling when:
with group of friends
bk1717cb's reason to travel:
to see different places, learn their cultures and connect with the people there.
bk1717cb's favorite place to read:
bk1717cb's favorite place to walk:

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