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annecatherine's information

Name: Anne
Gender: Female
Profession: factrice
Prefered language: French
Hometown: Bayeux - France
Birthday: 1968-02-07
Now doing: I' dreaming :)
Currently in: france
Traveling to: don't know yet
About annecatherine:
I love my family I like discover new countries and also ways of life! I enjoy LIFE !! I love BIO and ECOLOGY I love to meet and talk with friens and I love to know new one!! I love to laugh!!and so many things.........
About annecatherine's job:
My job , I like it , because I meet many people and i feel useful!!
annecatherine's interests:
annecatherine's favorite music:
too manyyyyyyyyyy freddy mercury Queen Beyonce Lady Gaga Charles AZNAVOUR RAY Charles Robbie Williams Diana Ross MUSE U2 Bruce Springsteen The Beatles Grégory Lemarchal Josh Groban and so many .........
annecatherine's favorite books:
All in french so sorry to not be able to translate them correctly
annecatherine's favorite quotes:
well it's my personnal quote.. sorry Saisissez du texte, l'adresse d'un site Web ou importez un document à traduire. Annuler Écouter Traduction (français > anglais) Life is beautiful for who looks with eyes of love !
annecatherine's favorite movies:
Also all in FRENCH So sorry , i don't know the "real" name in english
annecatherine is happiest traveling when:
I do it with my family
annecatherine's reason to travel:
Discover!!! I love to meet new friends and to know their way of life!! When I travel (not often.. sniff)i want ti discover EVERYTHING!! particularly outside tousitics places.. I love to be with local people !!
annecatherine's favorite place to read:
to many places
annecatherine's favorite place to walk:
near the sea

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