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allytoullec's information

Name: Anne-Laure
Gender: Female
Profession: Travel Blogger
Prefered language: English
Now doing: Blogging
Currently in: Paris, France
Traveling to: Bangkok, Thailand
About allytoullec:
Anne-Laure, French, 22, journalism graduate, londoner, media lover, bucket drinker, always a backpacker. I have previously worked with these publications: Trait d'Union (Hong Kong) Rock Sound (Italy) Rock One (France) Smash It! (Belgium) The River - Awarded Publication of the Year 2010 by The Guardian Student Media Award (UK) Randomly enough I am also a British National champion in Cheerleading. Next trip: December 27, 2011- Back to South East Asia, no way back. Past trips: 2011:Australia - East Coast 2010: Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong. 2009: Australia - Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore. UK backpacking tour from Liverpool to the Isle of Wight, Belgium, Scotland. 2008: Hong Kong 2007: Belgium, Switzerland 2005: Germany east side road trip, Czec Republic-Prague 2004:Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands 2002: USA-Road trip from NYC to Massachusetts.
About allytoullec's job:
Just out of university. Freelance for music magazines. Write on http://thefurtherthebetter.blogspot.com
allytoullec's interests:
Peanut butter. Travel (really?). Writing. Music. Cheerleading (really.)
allytoullec's favorite quotes:
A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. ~Lao Tzu
allytoullec is happiest traveling when:
I am near the sea.
allytoullec's reason to travel:
the emotion you get deep down your guts and in your hear when you see something new and amazing
allytoullec's favorite place to read:
Comfy chair in a pub by a fire. Hammock next to my bungalow by the beach.

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